North Texas Thunder Storms

The recent storms in North Texas have caused a lot of visible damage, but they also could have caused some not-so-visible damage. The roof on your house or business may have been damaged even if there are no leaks at this point in time. Wind damage can cause shingles on the house to be pulled up or dislodged from the roof. This damages the seal that the shingles use to protect your roof from water getting down to the attic. Similiarly hail strikes on a roof can cause the shingles to be weakened. Once weakened the shingles will start to deteriorate until they are no longer protecting the roof.

Though this damage can be hard to see from the ground, it is very easy to detect when inspected from the roof. Because of this Benco offers free roof inspections to determine if there is any damage. If there is we will work with you and your insurance company to try and get the roof replaced at a minimum cost to you, the homeowner.

If you think you have damage, or if you want someone to come look at your roof after the storm, give us a call.

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